Wind directions in a cycling race circuit



Written transcription :

Hello and welcome on my blog called Cycling Tactics and Strategies! I am Sylvain Jeuland and I am a French non-professional cycling racer. In this video I want to tell you a story about wind and race circuits.

Last week-end, I was racing a Cat 2 race with 80 riders. We had a 10 kilometer long circuit with two main parts.

The first part was the tailwind part.This part was long of almost 5 kilometers. Then we had a 90 degree left turn, a short downhill and another 90 degree left turn before the second part.

The second part was the headwind part. This part was long of almost 5 kilometers too and led us to the finish line.

Let me explain you how the race unfolded.


As soon as the start was given, 2 men attacked followed by 4 men. The field reacted to catch the breakaway. Since we had a tail wind, it was impossible for everyone to make a big gap and break away. So the guys in front were forcing but didn’t go far.


About me, I was patient and stayed in 15th place in the field waiting for both turns and the headwind part. I was right because everyone were caught back by the field just before the turns.

After the turns, the road was a slight ascending and the head of the bunch was slowing down. I knew that future attacks would be very effective since the rhythm was quite high and the wind not in our favor.


So I saw a guy attacking and I attacked myself and caught back him. We were caught once but we tried again with 3 others racers.

The entire bunch did not follow but several riders did a hard effort to catch us. After this 5 kilometers head wind section, we were 15 riders in front and the bunch had exploded behind.

We perfectly organized our group when we find the tailwind again and it was the decisive break.


As the conclusion, pay attention to the wind and stay hidden at the 15th position when there is tailwind and try something when the headwind comes back if you are strong.

If you are in a middle shape, anticipate the breaks to be in the right one.


Do you remember the sprinting man who passed me quickly in the video of my burying? He tried to escape in the tailwind part and was caught but the field just before the headwind. He was counter-attacked and missed the break.

His race was over, mine not. I finished 9.


If you like this video, write a comment below to tell me what you think. See you soon in another video on Cycling Tactics & Strategies.

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