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Cycling Tips

Season start strategy: struggling in the first cycling race?


Hello and welcome on my blog about Cycling Tactics and Strategies!

I am Sylvain Jeuland a French 3rd category racer and today I will share with you my view about the first race of the season.


At the start of the first race you have two kinds of racers.

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My crazy challenge

My cycling story and my crazy challenge


Welcome on my blog about the cycling tactics and strategies.


The beginning

To start I wish to introduce myself to people who does not know me yet. I am called Sylvain Jeuland. I am a 29 years old french cycling racer and I race at a regional level in the west part of France. I began racing when I am 13 years old and I have never stopped cycling since 1998.


Sylvain Jeuland, first cycling race in Denée, France

My first race in 1998, France

I love to get ready for a start and play with the race goings-on. After several years of road and track racing, I got my best level in 2008 with twenty Top10 places. I was a french non-professionnal first category racer.


The fall

At the end of the 2008 years began the big problems. Something wrong happened to me. Year after year I gradually lost my level without knowing why and I was very sad. Doctors were not able to find the source of my cycling decline. Nevertheless I never gave up seeking the mystery and I never stopped racing in spite of my loss of leg power.

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