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Written transcription of the video :

Hello and welcome on my blog Cycling Tactics & Strategies! I am Sylvain Jeuland a French non-professional cycling racer. In this video, I want to speak about “racing a lot” and “missing the break”.

When you race at least two times a week, you have more opportunities to get a result. You can race on Friday and Sunday, or you can race on Saturday and Sunday.

Personally I like to race on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. So I can do something else on Saturday like going in city with friends.

Racing two consecutive days could double your chance to get a result. It is the same if you put one day off between both races.

But racing two days could spoil your legs for the second day especially if you have sprinter muscles: that means a high proportion of fast fiber muscles.

Once I raced a Cat I uphill and downhill criterium in a Friday evening. We were 70 at start, the race exploded and we finished in a group of 30 racers for the final sprint. Since I was very careful in the downhill before the finish line, I finished 18th. The race was violent and the average speed was almost 47 kilometers per hour.

As a consequence, I was in shape but my legs were very bad on the next Sunday. I couldn’t pretend to the podium because my legs didn’t respond well. What a shame, I finished 10th after a harsh last hour.

You have understood that I had to change my strategy for the next week-end. How?

I try to race with full commitment in all races but I change my strategy depending of the outcome.

If you are in the breakaway, try to get a Top 9 result even if you spoil your chances for the next race. A two hour ride the next day is welcome to help your legs to recover.

If you are not in the breakaway, give up the race 75 minutes after the start if the next day is a day off. If the second race is on the next day, give up the race 60 minutes after the start.

Doing that is a very good training for the next race. You build intensive training while keeping fresh legs.

I did that recently, I made mistakes in a race I don’t like so much and I was in the third group. I finished the racing first hour, I rode back to my car and drove home.

Then I was in shape the next Sunday and finished 14th in a Cat I race long of 145 kilometers.

As a conclusion, you can race several times per week or two times per week-end but leave the race if you want to keep fresh legs. If you have sprinter muscles, your legs are more fragile.

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