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Hello and welcome on my blog Cycling Tactics & Strategies!

I am Sylvain Jeuland a French non-professional cycling racer.

In this video, I want to show you how to save energy when you are climbing an uphill in a big group.

At this moment, we are 16 riders in front of the race.

There are two pacelines in our group. The left one is descending and the right is ascending.

At this moment, I am the last guy in the ascending paceline and I am following the black racer.

In several hundred meters, we will have a climb. I hope to begin it as the first man of the group.

So I have to anticipate my placement by entering the ascending paceline at the right moment.

Here I am overtaking the men in the left slow paceline.

The first part of the climb is beginning. This is a smooth part.

I am reaching step by step the head of the breakaway group.

Here comes the right turn before a steeper part.

This is my turn to take the relay. I am overtaking the black guy.

I am in front of the group and here begins the most interesting part of my energy saving.

The idea is to pass the last part of the climb in the most slowly manner.

So I have to ride quite slow and to let the other guys overtaking me.

I begin to climb.

The first racers overtake me by the right. I don’t try to follow them.

I prefer to keep my quite slow pace. Anyway you always have other racers to stick to the first guys.

cycling climbing energy saving

Here comes the top of the uphill. Since I want to save my energy, I go easy and I let the entire group passing me.

Naturally, I stay out of the unique paceline which has been formed in the climb.

cycling climbing energy saving

I look at the last racer. I accelerate a bit and I position myself behind his last wheel.

Since I have been the slowest racer in the uphill, I have saved my energy and I am still in the group.

After several laps and climbs, it makes a significant difference because you have fresher legs.

Moreover the other racers think you are not in shape so you can make a surprising attack at the end.

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See you in another video on Cycling Tactics & Strategies!

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  • April 23, 2015 - 1:33 am | Permalink

    I assumed their backpacks HAD to be parachutes, but it
    surely would not seem like it. Makes the entire
    video 100x scarier.

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