Play with flows in cycling race fields

Hello, here is a new video dealing with flows.



Written transcription:

Hello and welcome on my blog about Cycling Tactics and Strategies. I am Sylvain Jeuland, a French Cat 3 cycling racer. I will tell you a story about flows.


When I was 17, I performed a Cat 3 race with one hundred racers. I was in one side of the field but the other side went faster. I did not have the choice: I was stuck here and I sank to the bottom of the field. As the consequence I lost almost 80 places in 1 single minute.


When you swim in a river, it is easier to go with the flow than going against the flow. When you are inside the field, it is the same thing. Depending on the side of the road, the wind direction, the attacks and the slowdowns, many flows wander the field. There are the rising flows and there are the descending ones.

Let’s see how flows work and how to play with them!


flows in a cycling race field


In the left side of the field we have the descending flow with red racers and our white racer. In the right side we have the rising flow with green racers and our blue racer. At the beginning the white racer is in front of the blue one. But at the end this is the blue one who is in front. This is due to the different flow paces.


flows in a cycling race field

How to save yourself from sinking deep in the field?


You have to observe the flows, to use them and to go in front without an effort. Look at the yellow racer. He is in the descending flow and he might lose a lot of places. On his right, he can see green racers overtaking him. They are in the rising flow.


flows in a cycling tace field


So the yellow racer accelerates a bit while moving right into the rising flow in a smooth manner. His clever move allows him to go to the front. This is far better than daydreaming and staying in the descending flow like the other red racers.


You know now how to play with flows. Always focus on them, play with them and go in front. You can do it during the entire race. Then you will always have a good place without losing too much energy.


If you like this video, write a comment below and tell me what you think about flows. See you in another video on my Cycling Tactics and Strategies blog!

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