How did I bury myself in my 15 men group?


Transcription :

Hello and welcome on my blog called Cycling Tactics & Strategies!

I am Sylvain Jeuland, a French Cat 3 racer. In this video, I will tell you a story. This is about a big mistake I did last Sunday when I was doing a Cat 1 race.

Here is the situation. After 40 kilometers, there was a 10 men breakaway then my 15 men second group which stood 25 seconds late. Half of the counter-attackers were able to relay while the other ones were not able to relay. I was with the riders who were relaying at the head of the group because I had good legs.

Unfortunately, my group did split up and I was not in the first part of the split: my race was over in a couple of minutes while I had very good legs.

Let’s see how I buried myself in my 15 men group!

I wanted to catch the breakaway. So I relayed a lot at the head of the group without resting. I thought that others riders would help me well. When it was climbing a bit, we were about five to relay. I am the blue rider.

After a 200 meter climb, I did my relay in front. Suddenly some riders sprinted and attacked from behind me.

Men attacking while sprinting

There was a gap. So I tried to fill the gap. Nevertheless I couldn’t sprint because I had not recovered from my previous relay. I was between both groups.

Cycling racer between both groups

Another racer sprinted from behind and filled the gap. Like this.

So I hardly tried to sprint to catch the newly formed group but there was a U-turn which slowed me down. After the U-turn it was too late. The previous group caught the breakaway but my race was over.

You know now how I buried myself in my 15 men group. When you are in such group, don’t assume that this group will remain in one entire part. There is a high probability that some racers want to break this group in two parts.

So you have to rest a bit, pay attention to attacks and don’t relay too much in the front. If you relay too much, you make too much effort and you don’t see what is going on behind you. When you realize that you’re in trouble, it is too late.

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See you soon in another video on my Cycling Tactics & Strategies blog!



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