Hello, I explain here the meaning of cycling words.


Breakaway: The breakaway is the first group in a race. Most of racers love to be in the breakaway.


Bunch: The bunch is the bigger group in a cycling race. Also called field, peloton.


Category (Cat): A category is a subdivision of racers classified by national rankings. There are Cat 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. The smaller is the digit, the faster go the races.


Criterium: A criterium is a race whose the circuit is very short (less than 3 km).


Drafting: This is the fact of staying behind another racer in order to be protected from the induced wind when racing fast.


Endurance training: Endurance training is the fact to ride slow during many hours to improve blood circulation in vessels and heart beating volume. Moreover endurance training allows riders to lose fats.


Field: The field is the bigger group in a cycling race. Also called bunch, peloton.


Flows: Flows are grouped movements inside the field. Some flows go to the front, other flows are descending.


Intensive training: Intensity training is the fact to ride fast to get used to race conditions. It improves lactic acid production, energy storage in body and heart beating frequency for instance.


Paceline: It is a column of racers queued the ones behind the other ones. The first racer is in the wind and the others ones are protected.


Peloton: The peloton is the bigger group in a cycling race. Also called field, peloton.


Relay: Relaying is the fact to ride in the wind while protecting the other racers from the wind. After several dozens of seconds, the relayer stops his relay, asks the following racer to relay and goes back drafting.


Smooth attack: Attack who allows a racer to break away while minimizing your effort. Make it when your group slows down.


Strategies:  Strategies are predetermined plans for obtaining a specific result.


Tactics: Tactics are the art of choosing your moves and maneuvering them inside a cycling race.


If you need the meaning of another term, write a comment below and I will explain you it.

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