Choose a cycling category and keep racing in it


Hello and welcome on my blog called Cycling Tactics & Strategies. I am Sylvain Jeuland a non-professional French cycling racer.

Today I want to share with you my view about the best racing program you can build to get the best results.


To begin I will tell you a recent story about my season:

Am I watching the breakaway ?

Am I watching the breakaway? (Photo: Facebook Anastasia Photo-vélo)


I began my season in Cat 3 and I got a 2nd rank. After two Cat 3 races I tried to race in Cat 2. I was lucky because I was able to follow Cat 2 bunch racers after one month. So I decided to perform in Cat 1 races since May.


My first impressions were good. I was able to follow the bunch. Sometimes I got a counter-attack or a breakaway.

Bike racing in first category

I am following an elite racer in a 15-men breakaway. (Photo: Eléa Gautier)


Obviously, since I did not have the endurance, I finished behind these groups at the end.

difficult last kilometers cycling race

Last kms: I have no more energy in my body. I am finishing my Cat 1 race slowly. (Photo: Leslie Corbel)

Cat 1 race after Cat 1 race, I got breakaways and Top 20 rankings. I have got used to race in Cat 1 races, it was perfect.


That was when the problem occurred.

My team wanted to me to race in their races. These races were Cat 2 and Cat 3 races. I agreed and during two weeks, I did race at Cat 2-3 speed.

After this Cat 1 break, I decided to get Top 9 result in Cat 1 races and I started races with a great motivation.

But my level had dropped. I was no more able to follow the Cat 1 best racers and I was disappointed.

This was my recent story about myself.


Now let’s go to my point. You have to choose a category which suits you well. I mean that you have to be able to follow the racers in the chosen category.

One you have chosen your category, always race in the same category all week-ends.


This is the best way to improve in your favorite category. Your body will get used to the right efforts and your mind will get used to the right race situations. You have to know that efforts and race situations are different depending on each category.


Nevertheless, if you are already easy in your category, you may try to race once or twice in the upper category to get an extra speed if you want to come back for the win in your favorite category.


But don’t try to race in Cat 3 to win in Cat 2. It does not work, you can believe me.


Here is the end of my little story:

Now I have to make the effort to get back my Cat I speed again. I should have refused to race in Cat 2-3 and I should have stay racing in Cat I. I have lost one month and it is very frustrating to try to get back my Cat 1 speed.


So pay attention and make the right choice!


If you like this post, leave a comment below. See you soon in another post on Cycling Tactics & Strategies!

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