Remember the breaking points of your previous cycling races


Written transcription of the video :

Hello and welcome on my blog Cycling Tactics & Strategies! I am Sylvain Jeuland a French non-professional cycling racer. In this video, I want to speak about circuit experience.

When you start a new race, you may be able to guess the circuit point from where the break goes away. But when you do the same race several times, you see and learn the different points where the break goes away.

T­hey may change depending of the number of racers, the wind direction changes or the weather but is it likely that the breaking point remain the same.

Up to now I will tell you a story about circuit experience.

There is a Cat 1 race I know very well which stands each year in the middle of June. Since I know this race I always go there. On June 15th, I was here.

As soon as the start was given, my legs did hurt: my muscles hadn’t recovered from the previous race I did two days before. In the two first laps, there were a lot of attacks and I was a bit worried because my legs were not good.

In the second lap, I had an idea: “I just have to try to break away at the point where some groups broke away the previous years”. So I waited for this moment.

Look at this map, it is the circuit. We have here a road where the field rides quite fast. We have a turn. We have a steep short hill and a straight road. The second part of the straight road is slightly ascending. Here is the breaking point where I wanted to make my effort.


Breaking point cycling race


I was in the middle of the bunch on the side of the road when I saw that 10 riders had already broken away. They were not far but I had to attack very early in spite of my bad legs.

Let’s have a look onto my attack.

Here was the first group and here was the field. I was the blue rider and I accelerated from the middle of the field. I saw that the yellow rider attacked just before me so I followed and relayed him.


escaping riders breaking point


Another white rider followed us and relayed too. We caught the breakaway after 500 meters.

Behind the bunch did not react, it was over.

I was right about the breaking point and I was in front. I finished 10th in this race.

Circuit experience helped me a lot in this race so you have to repeat the races you like and you know when to attack. I will add a tip: when you have not a good feeling about a circuit or when you have the impression you are missing something, don’t go there. There is a circuit where I never have a good feeling. Full of self-assurance, I race there but I often miss the breakaway and get a bad result. Something goes wrong for me with this circuit and I have decided to never go there again.

As a conclusion, remember all your race circuits and make the right choices before racing and inside the races.

If you liked this video, write a comment below to tell me what you think. See you in another video on Cycling Tactics & Strategies!

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