Breakaway attempt in a cycling race



Lillemer, July 4th, 4th rank

Written transcription of the video:

Hello and welcome on my blog Cycling Tactics & Strategies! I am Sylvain Jeuland a French non-professional cycling racer. In this video, I want to show you how I try to break away.

Before breaking away, you have to be placed in the right place in the field. Look at my position inside the field: I have only a dozen of racers in front of me. I see that one of them attacks and create a small gap but the others racers are still riding fast.

Right here you can see the racers slowing down. This is the moment for me to pass them at the side of the road and to attack to catch the racer.

I accelerate smoothly to remain quiet and I sprint to catch the guy after having created a gap on the field.


smooth accelration cycling attack


We can’t see the gap behind on the camera but I looked back and I know that the field did not react to my attack.

When I catch the racer, I try to go fast to prevent the field comeback. I look the opening car and I focus on my trajectory.

It happens that the green racer does not relay me.

Here I turn on the right. Then I pass the finish line and I ride at the right side of the road to minimize the distance.

Fortunately a red racer has come back on us and is relaying me. It will be easier for me to go fast.


Cycling racer relaying


Here I relay him after the turn in the headwind part.

Here he relays me.

Here I relay him.

Unfortunately our breakaway is caught by the field after the turn. This was not the right one.


cycling field


You can see all these riders passing in front of us. Some racers attack after the regroup.

I try to replace myself ideally in the 15th position to try another breakaway. I am a bit far and I will have to gain some places in the field in the next lap.

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See you in another video on Cycling Tactics & Strategies!


中国的 :

你好,欢迎到我的blog叫Cycling Tactics & Strategies!
我的名字是Sylvain Jeuland,一个国业余骑自行车的赛车手
而今 向逆风部分转后我接力他

再下一片录影见! bye bye

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