About my crazy challenge

Welcome on my blog about the cycling tactics and strategies.


The beginning

To start I wish to introduce myself to people who does not know me yet. I am called Sylvain Jeuland. I am a 29 years old french cycling racer and I race at a regional level in the west part of France. I began racing when I am 13 years old and I have never stopped cycling since 1998.



My first race in 1998, France

I love to get ready for a start and play with the race goings-on. After several years of road and track racing, I got my best level in 2008 with twenty Top10 places. I was a french non-professionnal first category racer.


The fall

At the end of the 2008 years began the big problems. Something wrong happened to me. Year after year I gradually lost my level without knowing why and I was very sad. Doctors were not able to find the source of my cycling decline. Nevertheless I never gave up seeking the mystery and I never stopped racing in spite of my loss of leg power.


Finally, 4 years after the fisrt symptoms (2012), I managed to find the right doctors who diagnosed me a bilateral endofibrosis (the illness of the cyclist) in both quadriceps region muscle arteries. That means buttock artery bottlenecks. As a consequence, I was surged in 2013 january. The bottleneck were removed and I have got back my sensations. Nevertheless I was so tired after all these years and the surgery  : my cycling season was short of results. I performed 3 Top9 places in 2013.


Right now I have rested a lot for two months and I am ready to resume my cycling career.


The challenge

What do I want to perform in the 2014 cycling season ?


During my cycling career I have noticed that many cyclists love to be in breakaways whatever the level of the race. Being in the first group is very exciting. The breakaway means “to be in shape”. The breawakay means “to fight against the bunch”. The breakway means “to play for the best places”.


What is a good place in cycling ? Since dozens of racers take part of the race, I think that a good place is a Top9 place. A Top 9 place is a one-digit place. A Top9 place means that the racer is not too far from the Top5 which is an excellent place. A Top9 place is realistic but not easy to reach.


At the dawn of the second part of my career, I have a crazy challenge. My crazy challenge consists of catching many breakaways and literally performing twenty-nine Top9 places. I choose the 29 number because I’m 29 year-old and this number finishes by Nine like in Top9. I will race on road, on track and on grass with cyclo-cross. After the last difficulties, it would be great to success in my crazy challenge.


sylvain jeuland in a cycling race breakaway

Me in third place in a cycling race breakaway,Gabarret, France


It starts soon

My crazy challenge starts on Sunday, December 22th 2013 with a cyclo-cross race. I will have to deal with mud and grass and it will be quite difficult because I have not yet done my intensity training but I have almost finished my pure endurance training (120-140 heart beats per minute). So I won’t be in shape for this race but I love racing.


From now to the December 21th in 2014, I will share the details of my fails and successes on my blog. I will explain my race goings-on to you. In one year we will know if I win my bet or if I Iose it.


If you like this post, write a comment below and tell me what you think about my crazy challenge.


Sylvain Jeuland

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